Who we are? Realtors..

Over a decade of being in the real estate business we have identified with realtors in so many ways. Various personalities, length in profession, market knowledge, designations, titles, large companies, boutique companies (aka small shops). We understand that domination of a general area with so many people and so many various professional we must work together to provide the best result for our customers. Indeed we view other co-agents with or without our  company as our number #1 customer.

Typical Realtor’s Stages are not defined by length of time, title or knowledge. In our eyes we see these definitions of a realtor solely by the experience at hand during each transaction.

  • Part Timer
  • Full Timer
  • Average Realtor
  • Top Producer Realtor
  • Super Star Realtor
  • Broker Owner (Competing Broker)
  • Broker Owner (Non-Competing Broker)
  • Broker Associate

We encourage ourselves and Realtors around us to increase our value in the market place in the following 3 main areas:

  • Education. Knowledge is King. As a consumer we understand that what you learn can not be taken away from you. Our education cycle in never ending yet the foundation is the same. Know your Market, Know your Contracts, Know your Customer.
  • Service.With today’s technology and tools that customers have it’s critical that as a Realtor you provide top notch service. Understanding the process to create value for your customers need.
  • Tools. Most Realtors become overwhelmed with 2 or 3 customers at one time. Practicing real estate is a lifestyle and can be time consuming. Critical decisions to use tools to enhance your day to day as a Realtor in turn enhance the customers experience.

By partnering with us you will have access to the most proven tools to enhance your career. Click here to access Our Agent Page. Don’t have access yet.. send us an email.