Sell my house Fast: Attention to detail

Sell my house Fast…

Every seller’s dream is to have their home sell quickly with as little to no headaches as possible. The good news is with the correct approach and a little attention to detail this can be accomplished.

The starting point before you put your home on the market is knowing “What is my home value” which you can obtain here. A home valuation is simply an estimate of your homes current market value based on closed sales and current sales in your neighborhood for the similar house.


Set yourself up for a Quick Sale!

Setting the right price for your home from the start is essential in attracting the right buyer for your home. There is a big difference between what you think your house may be worth and what the current market says it is worth. A big misconception seller’s have is that they should start the asking price high and then lower it if they see there is no activity. This can actually work against you calling for a much slower sale even when the asking price does get lowered. The first 30 days of activity are the most important if your home is priced higher than your competition the chances are buyers and Realtors will likely stay away from viewing your property because

  1. They may assume that you are not serious about selling
  2. Unwilling to negotiate on the sales price

Curb Appeal, Curb Appeal

The way your house is seen on the exterior will set the tone for potential buyers on what they can expect to see on the inside. If the lawn has not been mowed in weeks, the mailbox is on its last hinge and the front porch looks more like a storage unit chances of buyers making it to the front door are slim. Curb appeal is extremely important when looking to sell your home and a little sod and flowers goes a long way in enticing potential buyers to look at your home.

Getting your Interior Ready

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint and a deep clean to a house can do. Make an inventory list of small things that need repairing such as fixtures or a leaking sink. Maybe the bathroom need to be recaulked or the wood floors could use a professional cleaning whatever it maybe make sure to get those items crossed off your list before you put your home on the market. Potential buyers want to see homes that are updated and in style.

De-clutter!! De-clutter!!

We at cannot stress enough the importance of de-cluttering and depersonalizing your home prior to putting it on the market. It is important to keep in mind that potential buyers want to picture themselves living in your home and the less of your family they see throughout the home the easier that will be to accomplish. Also, the fewer things there are in a room the bigger the home will feel, remove any extra furniture pieces you may have. Knickknacks, religious items and political items should be taken down, your planning on moving might as well put them away in boxes.

Staging your Home!

It is important to show the rooms as they are supposed to be used, if you happen to have odd rooms in the home such as an alcove off the kitchen that you personally have never used this is a perfect time to give that room a role. Lets say a small office or pantry. If you have a guest bedroom thats been used more as a storage closet turn it into the guest bedroom its supposed to be. When staging your home always think of model homes everything has a place and is neat and orderly.

Make your home EASY to show!

It is important to be flexible with showing your home keep in mind not everyone has your same schedule so if you opt to only show your home on the weekends you are potentially missing out on a serious buyer that can only see the home on the weekdays because they work on weekends. Be prepared to show early in the mornings or late in the evenings remember this is only temporary and the more prospective buyers get to see your home the better your odds are of getting an offer or even multiple offers.  Also, leave the home when its begin shown or step outside let the buyers feel free to look around without feeling like intruders.


If at all possible remove pets from home when begin shown or keep them in a cage. Remove all the pet items or hide them so they are not visible such as dog bowls or the cats litter box. Remember the purpose of all this is to allow the prospective buyers an opportunity to picture themselves living in the home. The truth is not everyone is a dog or cat lover and just knowing a pet is living in the home can be a deal breaker.

Plenty of Pictures!

Your realtor will usually handle this side; but ensure that plenty of good high quality pictures were taken, not just snapshots off a smart-phone. Most buyers will start the home process on-line the more pictures your listing has the better of a chance they will want to schedule an appointment to view your home.

We will be glad to assist you in selling your home, renting your home or determining your homes value and assist you in locating a home. We at are geared to provide real estate service with the goal in mind of keeping your home process simple, professional, and personal. We will help you find a home and apartments for sale and for rent in Broward County Florida.

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