Garden: Growing your own garden?

Gardening is a very special skill that many would love to take part in. If growing your own fruits and vegetables is something that highly interests you; but you don’t have the space or maybe even the know how on where to begin the City of Pembroke Pines has just the place for you to grow your own garden.

Pembroke Pines Community Garden

Pembroke Pines Community Garden

Located on the corner of Hiatus Road and Washington Street the Community Garden offers Pembroke Pines residents a green space to come together to grow their very own fresh fruit and vegetables and share in the joys of gardening build relationships with fellow gardeners and engage in healthy activities.

Membership Fees

The Pembroke Pines Community Garden is an annual membership based community that includes raised garden beds, a section where you are able to grow your own fruit trees and other crops. Membership rates are as follows:

Annual Membership:   $35.00 for a 4 by 20 foot plot
                                               $15.00 for a 4 by 10 foot plot

If you are not interested in renting a plot but would love the opportunity to get involved with the community garden through maintaining the gardens common areas a general membership fee of $10.00 is required.

Plot owners are responsible for fertilizing, planting, weeding, mulching, harvesting and watering their designated areas.

Gardens Hours of Operation

The garden is open 7 days a week from 7:00am until dusk and is accessible through a combination lock.


For more information on the Pembroke Pines Community Garden and how to get started contact them directly at (954) 392-2127