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Benefits of not buying in a Homeowners Association Homeowners Associations are not for everyone and although they do have some great benefits the reality is they are not a good fit for everyone. If your looking to own your own home but are truly not one to want the responsibility of having to maintain the [...]

Real Estate Market Knowledge and Vision 2016 Click Below to Download Gary Keller Slides in PDF. Killer information for anyone involved in Real Estate.   Real Estate Market Knowledge and Vision 2016 by Gary Keller Vision in 2016 Home Sales Home Prices Appreciation Months of Supply Mortgage Rates Annually Affordability Unemployment Annually Inflation Amount of [...]

There is a certain excitement that comes when you beginning the hunt for your new home!  You’ve got your checklist of all the must have’s and all the things that would be a deal breaker. Deciding to purchase a home is a big decision, probably one of the biggest you’ll make as an adult. When [...]

Most often when searching for the perfect home Buyers will always ask “How about looking at some foreclosures.” There is a big misconception with a Foreclosure Homes and it is often associated with getting the deal of a lifetime on a home. This is not always the case there are potential pitfalls to buying a [...]