Broward County School District Top Rated Schools

Top Rated Schools in Broward County

A list of all the Top Rated Schools in Broward County can be found here . Search by Elementary, Middle and High school to find the best rated schools in the district. Once you have narrowed down the schools select “Community Ratings” to find out more about what parents and students are saying about a particular school.

Broward County School District Calendar

The Broward County School District calendar is easily found on their web-site just select “parents” on the home screen and on the right hand side you will see a “parents resource” section.

Broward County School Zoning Instruction

To become more familiar with the school zoning information in Broward County visit the zoning information page on the school districts site or click here where you will find the boundary maps for elementary, middle and high school and discover instantly which school your child should attend in your zone. You may also visit browardschools. com and select the drop down “our schools” and select “Find your school home” by simply typing in an address.

Miramar Elementary Schools

Miramar Middle Schools

Miramar High Schools

  • Everglades High School (754) 323-0500
  • Miramar High School (754) 323-1350

Pembroke Pines Elementary Schools

Pembroke Pines Middle Schools

Pembroke Pines High Schools

Cooper City Elementary Schools


Cooper City Middle Schools

Cooper City High Schools

Davie Elementary Schools

Davie Middle Schools

Davie High Schools

Hollywood High Schools

Plantation Elementary Schools

Plantation Middle School

Plantation High Schools

Sunrise Elementary Schools

Sunrise Middle Schools

Sunrise High Schools

  • Piper High School (754) 322-1700

Weston Elementary Schools

Weston Middle Schools


Weston High Schools