Besides 365 days of sunshine and 80 degree weather another perk of being a permanent Florida residents is being able to take advantage of a tax saving called Homestead Exemption. This exemptions offers a $25,000 tax credit on the first and second tax amount of the assessed value of the owners occupied residence. Keep in [...]

Benefits of not buying in a Homeowners Association Homeowners Associations are not for everyone and although they do have some great benefits the reality is they are not a good fit for everyone. If your looking to own your own home but are truly not one to want the responsibility of having to maintain the [...]

Easter Egg Hunts 2016 Hop on Over and enjoy one of the many Easter Egg Hunts events going on in Broward, County this Easter 2016! Have an Egg-ceptionally Wonderful Easter! Download your FREE copy HERE Download your FREE copy HERE Thank you for downloading your FREE copy of the local Easter happenings in Broward, County [...]

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