Whenever we think of a Homeowners Association or see the monthly HOA fees of communities that we would love to live in we are some what turned off by the prospect of paying this monthly maintenance fees just because it would be another expense added to the budget. Over the years Homeowner’s Associations have been [...]

Having a weekly routine is essential to running a tight ship when it comes to your family the routine keeps everyone on task with work, school, homework, cleaning, the infamous honey-do-list and the never ending loads of laundry etc. Routines allow us to have a space and structure to work within; without it the daily ins [...]

There are many steps when entering into a contract on the home of your dreams. Financing, inspections period and perhaps the most crucial the APPRAISAL.   What is an Appraisal? A Home Appraisals is simply a written estimate of a properties value. This value is based on a market analysis of recent sales for similar [...]

  Mortgage Insurance why do I have to pay? The biggest hurdle many buyers face today when it comes to owning a home is the down payment. How much do I have to put down and can I really afford this. Luckily there are FHA loans that don’t require an astronomical down payment in order [...]

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