Buying vs Renting? Seems to be the million dollar questions these with interest rates at a low and an increase in monthly rental payments where $1,150 for rent seems to be a thing of the past have lead many to the crossroad of buying a home sooner that they may have thought possible. One of the [...]

Welcome to Homes For Sale in Cooper City, Florida “Someplace Special” is the reputation Cooper City, Florida has been known since it’s founding in 1959. This lovely home-town community prides itself on it’s tree-lined communities where children of all ages can be seen playing outside and quiet streets. To find Homes For Sale in Cooper [...]

Sell my house Fast… Every seller’s dream is to have their home sell quickly with as little to no headaches as possible. The good news is with the correct approach and a little attention to detail this can be accomplished. The starting point before you put your home on the market is knowing “What is [...] Seller Direct Telephone: (954) 303-3032 Buyer Direct Telephone: (954) 580-6715 With so many Ft. Lauderdale Events happening every weekend am sure by now you’ve heard of the Artwalk phenomenon unless of course you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years. One of the biggest Artwalks was introduced in the District [...]

Most often when searching for the perfect home Buyers will always ask “How about looking at some foreclosures.” There is a big misconception with a Foreclosure Homes and it is often associated with getting the deal of a lifetime on a home. This is not always the case there are potential pitfalls to buying a [...]

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