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Considering Selling your Home?


As you prepare to sell your home, we appreciate the opportunity to assist you in making the 2 most important decisions when it comes to selling your home:

  1. Who is the BROKER/AGENT and who is THE COMPANY that you are choosing to represent you in the sale of your home.
  2. What EXPOSURE / MARKETING PLAN and PRICING strategy is needed to achieve your GOAL and Objective of Selling your home.

We are here to serve your needs guaranteeing a process that will deliver the RESULTS that are important to you. The foundation of this process starts with these core principles.

  • PRICE. The best price and Terms Attainable for the Property
  • TIME. The shortest possible time on the market
  • CONVENIENCE. The least inconvenience, with management of details.
  • COMMUNICATION. Frequent communication to keep you informed though the sale.

When hiring us to sell your home you will have a real world double approach to selling real estate. We understand REAL ESTATE is a tangible assets and must provide the 5 sense test. Buyers must see it, smell it, touch it, hear it and taste it; We call this our 1st strategy Onsite Strategy. In person we detail more of this strategy such as:

  • Photos and Layout
  • Staging
  • New home Smell. (aka the traditional baking cookies or bread)
  • Accessibility
  • Floor Plan
  • When buyers says “it feels peaceful” it’s because they hear something right.
  • Taste for us, is more about the customer seeing themselves living in the new home, accepting the contract, terms and situations that will sit well with what they are indeed buying.

More of this strategy is understood and we get a chance to learn about you and your home. Contact us for a Preview and Hassle free Consultation.

The 2nd strategy is about who you are hiring, the skills, tools, expertise that are available for your benefit when selling your home. You have heard it, everywhere REAL ESTATE is about location, location, location. Right? Selling your home for us is about EXPOSURE, MARKETING, EXPOSURE and MARKETING. We call this our Online Strategy which goes far and beyond the “MLS” Multiple Listing Service. As our market has changed to Social, & Internet driven interaction here is some of the process given to your home through us:

  • Exposure to all Real Estate Sites (Google,Yahoo, MSN, Zillow, Realtor.Com)
  • Virtual Video Tours
  • Website exclusive for your Property
  • Marketing to Co-Realtors  with approved buyers. Over 30,000 Contacts
  • Internal Database
  • Post Cards
  • Brochures

Our job does not stop at the above, we see the entire process with you. Indeed you are usually selling that one particular home, once we achieve this goal, the next component is the ability to manage the sale of your home. Some would call this part the A through Z service. In order to have a successful transaction we will guide your through:

  • Positioning your home to sell
  • Generating attention and Support of Value
  • Communicate with interested leads and quality buyers with the ability to purchase
  • Communicate feedback for showings
  • Keep you informed of Market Changes and Activity
  • Discuss Repositioning
  • Negotiating Term and conditions acceptable to you
  • Consult Parties involved for loan approvals
  • Inspections
  • Appraisal
  • Repairs
  • Clearing Conditions for Closings
  • Closing the Transaction
  • After Sale Follow up.

We are excited that you are considering us to sell your home and we are ready to work for you! Reach out to us and know that you will be backed with extensive resources, premier service and   experienced  local  real estate team dedicated to meeting your needs. Call Today with  No Hassles, No obligations 954-303-3032.

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