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 Cooper City Homes Search By Price

When looking for Homes for Rent in Cooper City Florida we at have broken down a complete set of listing for your convenience.  The idea is to provide current tenants or future landlords with the most current rental listings on the market within a specific price. We understand that every budget is different and are glad provide you will all the different options of homes, condos and townhomes available below.  For a tailored search please contact us. Special restrictions apply keep in mind most listings are for periods of 12 months or 6 months.

Homes for Rent

Available for Rent
From $1,500 to $1700
From $1,701 to $2,000
From $2,001 to $2,300
From $2,301 to $2,500
From $2,501 to $2,750
From $2,751 to $3,000
From $3,001 to $3,500
From $3,501 to $5,000
From $5,001 to $20000



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